Κόγχη  ταφικού κτίσματος (columbarium)
Ο θαλάσσιος χώρος, η ακτή και η παραλία, όπου τα ερείπια της αρχαίας Ασωπού.
Ανατολικά της σύγχρονης Πλύτρας. Λατομείο με ανάγλυφο Ηρακλέους
Αναθηματική επιγραφή. Ρωμαϊκοί χρόνοι

Archaeological evidence indicates that the ancient city of Asopos was situated in the modern settlement of Plytra. Ruins of buildings and burial structures are visible underwater and on the shore. Other burial monuments and an ancient quarry with a depiction of Heracles in relief are located further inland.

The ancient city developed during the Roman period and habitation continued even in later periods.

In the museum, ancient Asopos is represented by grave goods which confirm the development of that ancient city into a thriving, cosmopolitan port.