The Exhibition of the Museum of Neapolis, Voies, includes sculptures, inscriptions, funerary stelae, and vessels.

Sanctuary of Apollo Hyperteleatas

The Exhibition’s first stop is the sanctuary of Apollo Hyperteleatas considered to have been situated near the modern village of Phoiniki.


The ancient city developed during the Roman period and habitation continued even in later periods.

Onou gnathos & Pavlopetri

In antiquity, Onou gnathos was part of the mainland and up until the 17th century it was still linked to the opposite coast via a narrow strip of land.

Voiai (Voies)

In classical times, Voiai, rich in iron deposits, was an important territory of the Spartan city-state.


Leaving Voiai behind us, we sail around Cape Malea to become acquainted with the ancient cities and their fortified walls on the peninsula’s eastern coast; Epidauros Limera, Zarax, and Kyphanta.

Prehistoric habitation

They are grave goods in a variety of forms such as clay vessels, metal objects, and jewelry.